Quick (and goofy) Facts

What is used to create this site?

Dreamweaver or Frontpage?

Neither. 100% hand coded, as always. I've been told that no one does it this way anymore as it takes too long in a production environment.

Type of PC used:
Old :) (c. 2003)
Athlon XP 2100 with 768MB of RAM. Now on it's third motherboard (1st and 2nd suffered from bad capacitors. Third board was from Ebay and cost too much after UPS stuck it to me)
Radeon 9500 with 128MB VRAM
19" Viewsonic CRT
Kids, it's called a "dinosaur" by today's standards. I'm a big proponent of run-it-until-it-dies.

Any opinion of CSS?
Great, as long as you don't get too fancy. Needs a table model badly

Preferred programming language

Most disliked programming language
Prolog. Can't warp my brain enough to use it.

What do you think about luck?
I believe in other people having luck.

Thoughts on peak oil?
I used to be staunchly in the "not going to run out of this stuff" park. But I've changed by opinion, thanks to a persistent coworker who set me straight and my discovery of James Howard Kunstler.

As a true Canadian, you have every Rush album ever released, right?
Yes, of course, and I'm well on my way with my Triumph collection as well.

So you work for a railway, but you have a degree in Computer Science? What is the deal there?
Well, the funny thing about life is that sometimes you do things that you thought you loved, but ultimately dicover that you didn't love it as much as you thought you did. I like computer programming, I like the challenge of software and I enjoy the act of creating useful things. But I don't know if it is my calling. Some things that you do for fun aren't fun anymore when they are a job. Perhaps I just haven't found the right outlet.

OK, so you feel in love with the idea of programming computers? Wow, you really wanted to be popular eh?
I think that we are all tuned to do something in life. Some of us are better suited for certain jobs, regardless of how hard you work at it. Sometimes those things aren't looked at favourably by others. No sense in fighting it right?

Thanks to James Whitaker for providing the webspace that hosts this site! And be sure to check out Distant.ca